Enterprise, Oregon

The Wallowa County Commissioners

announce a 60-day public comment period on the East Moraine Community Forest Management Plan that will guide the direction of the multiple-use property.

Following more than a decade of effort by the Wallowa Lake Moraines Partnership, comprised of Wallowa County, Wallowa Land Trust, Wallowa Resources and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, in early 1,800 acres of theWallowa Lake East Moraine was purchased and conveyed into county ownership in January 2020. Since acquisitionthe Partnership, working with experts from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Forestryand the Nez Perce Tribe cultural and forestry divisions, and others in the community, began drafting a managementplan that will govern the management and stewardship of the property, using the best available science to balance multiple uses and concerns across the landscape: forestry, grazing, cultural resources, habitat, and recreation.

Kathleen Ackley, Executive Director of Wallowa Land Trust, said a diversity of community members,natural resource experts and land managers contributed to the draft plan. The Nez Perce Tribe’s CulturalResources Department and Forestry Division staff also actively participated in the development of thePlan.

“Securing the RY Timber preserved the opportunity for the public to access and enjoy the East Moraine and is a huge win for the community, preventing permanent development of this iconic landscape,” Ackleysaid. “We invite the public to review the draft plan and provide comments to ensure the future managementof the property is in line with the community’s vision.”

County Commissioner Susan Roberts said it’s important to provide the public and the taxpayers who ownthe property an opportunity to weigh in.

“Purchasing the property was a big step, but only the first, in providing economic and recreational opportunities while taking into consideration the overall health of the landscape,” Roberts said.

The East Moraine Community Forest Management Plan can be found HERE in PDF Format

An online survey is also posted on the Wallowa County website to capture comments on the various aspects of the property – habitat, cultural resources, forestry, rangeland, and recreation.

Comments can also be submitted via email at eastmorainecommunityforest@gmail.com or mailed to 101South River Street, Enterprise, Oregon 97828, attention: East Moraine Community Forest ManagementPlan.

A single, bound copy is available to be read onsite in the commissioners’ office on the third floor of theWallowa County Courthouse.

Comments and answers to the survey must include name, contact information and a reference to the page and section of the draft plan or they will not be accepted. A meeting to capture more public input willbe hosted Wednesday September 1 at 6:00PM at the Wallowa County Fairgrounds’ Cloverleaf Hall. The comment period ends October 2.

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