Hello all,

Well, the lilacs are in their glory, and outside is the place to be. Let me know ASAP if you are interested in any of these upcoming trips!

There is still room for a few more folks to join Morgan Olson and company logging out on the lower Minam River this weekend. Meet up Friday evening, car camp at Meads Flat, and day hike up the Minam on Saturday and Sunday. Here’s your chance to see a “hidden” part of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. And I heard a rumor there will be elk steaks cooking on the grill…

Sorry, Mike Hansen’s one-day project working up the Chief Joseph Trail is full. But we may have another project on that trail later this summer …

Thursday, June 24 through Sunday, June 27, Goat Creek Trail:  Lantz Hughes is looking for FIVE more people to take out 60 trees on the Goat Creek Trail out of Wallowa. On this stock supported trip, animules will carry your tools and some of your gear. You will backpack in 5 miles, set up a base camp near the historic Bear Creek Guard Station cabin, and work your way up Goat Creek. This will be saw work, and some brushing.

That’s all for now!

Rick Bombaci
Director, WMHCTA

The Sports Corral in Joseph, Oregon

401 North Main Street * 541-432-4363

Western & Sports Wear * Hunting & Fishing * Camping * Gifts Galore


Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association, a dedicated group of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who monitor and help maintain our local trails in Hells Canyon and the Wallowa Mountains.

We coordinate with the US Forest Service and organize volunteer work parties to clear downed trees, cut back brush, and do whatever else is necessary to keep our local hiking trails open and accessible.You can help by joining us on a trail maintenance project, coming to one of our meetings, or donating to support the effort.
Interested? Contact us at info@wmhcta.org or on Facebook and Instagram.



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