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Like the hostas I planted in my back yard, WMHCTA’s 2021 season is sprouting … We’ve now got FOUR projects under our belts for the season, and the last one was a doozy, with a hearty crew of five enduring “36 hours of rain” while brushing their way to Deep Creek, where apple blossoms beckoned just out of reach on the other side of a three-foot deep torrent too dangerous to ford. On the other hand, they did get a good serotonin fix due to Peggy’s soon-to-be-famous Up Deep Creek Brownies.

And it sounds like the “Fearless Five” who worked on the Nee-Me-Poo Trail over Cactus Mountain got chocolate at the end of the day, too. I just never end up on the right projects …


Sign up for any of these projects by registering online at, or by emailing us.

Saturday, May 22 (and May 23?), Chief Joseph Trail:  USFS Bridgemeister John Hollenbeak will be completing the long-awaited bridge over BC Creek, while the rest of us clear this once-and-future Most Popular Trail in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. It’s a one-day affair on Saturday, with a little bit of everything:  some brushing (no thorns!), logging out, and treadwork. And if the spirit moves us, some of us may return on Sunday, May 23 to keep working up the mountain. Email me to save your spot.

Friday, June 4 (meet at 5 pm) to Sunday, June 6 (leave at 3 pm), Lower Minam River Trail:  Morgan Olson has room for eight volunteers on a three-day backpack trip to help log out the Lower Minam River trail starting from Meads Flat. This trailhead is at the end of a road with a gate that is usually locked, so here’s your chance to see a “hidden” part of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. There will be stock support, so you don’t have to schlepp all your gear. You can email Morgan directly at to sign up.

Saturday, June 5, Chief Joseph Trail:  Guess what? There’s more work higher up the mountain. This one-day work party is for people with good lungs and legs because you’ll have to climb higher on the trail to get to the work. Mike Hansen, the “Ace Sawyer,” will lead this project. Email me to save your spot. It will be a fine way to celebrate “National Trails Day”!

Project Meeting via Zoom, Tuesday, May 18, 6:30 pm. If you’d like to learn more about these projects or weigh in with ideas of your own, join us. The Zoom link is on the calendar at

Rick Bombaci
Director, WMHCTA


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