JOSEPH, Ore – Whitney Freya offers, “Not Your Normal Paint Workshop” Thursday, May 23 from 4 to 9 p.m. at the Liberty Grange.

Freya said she wasn’t an artist in 1996 when she opened an art center in Nashville. She was in sales and was reading, “Zen and the Art of Making a Living” that advocated a mindset she’s adopted in her writing and teaching.

“The book said if you don’t adopt an artist’s mentality you won’t be able to live your dreams,” Freya said.

At her art center, Freya said she taught creative fitness for the right brain. Over the years she has lead workshops all over the country, showing people to paint their way into creative thought that plays out in other aspects of life and work.

In 2011 Freya moved to Wallowa County with her family. She continues to speak at conferences and lead her own workshops on creative fitness. She teaches a course on painting and mediation classes once a month at the Josephy Center in Joseph and said she wanted to have a workshop at Liberty Grange – using both the surrounding, expansive fields as well as the inside of the grange as the outdoor light wanes in the evening.

Over the years Freya has become an artist in her own right – her owls have become distinctive, seen at businesses around the county, including a large, mural-sized owl on her garage at her home in Joseph.

“I want to share what I do with the community,” Freya said, “which is help people focus on what they want in their lives and create it. The canvas makes that all visible.

The idea behind Freya’s technique is to unleash creativity, not to become world-class painters, but great art is definitely a by-product of the experience. She said her students have told her through painting they see colors differently, begin appreciating the moment and feel more optimistic.

“We can’t have too much hopefulness or change,” Freya said.

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