~ Princess Sarah Aschenbrenner $38,046, Queen Lauren Makin $37,396, Princess Taylor Grote $16,009 ~

From left to right: Princess Sarah Aschenbrenner, Queen Lauren Making, Princess Taylor Grote

From left to right: Princess Sarah Aschenbrenner, Queen Lauren Makin, Princess Taylor Grote

Ticket sales has been a traditional part of aspiring Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Royalty for quite some time. While it is only of three parts (riding, public speaking and ticket sales) that counts toward the final score to make it to queen, it is a very important part in which the young ladies get to represent Chief Joseph Days Rodeo.

The experience of being on the CJD court will be an ever bonding tie to your community, CJD, PRCA, and the sport of rodeo not to mention the value of the friendships and connections they will have formed throughout the year.

[tweetable]Princess Sarah Aschenbrenner beat last year’s Chief Joseph Days individual record sales[/tweetable] with a new total of $38,046, followed by Queen Lauren Makin who also beat last year’s record with a total of $37,396, and Princess Taylor Grote selling $16,009 in tickets leading to the following commission check totals:

  • Sarah Aschenbrenner – $5,556.90
  • Lauren Makin – $5,459.40 
  • Taylor Grote – $2,251.35

Total CJD court ticket sales for the 71st Chief Joseph Days Rodeo and a new record at $91,451.00


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